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2000 426 Conversion...

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Hey. I am thinking about converting my yz426 into an sm. What is the easiest way to do this? Also what is the cleanest catch can/how does the swing arm catch can conversion work out? I need advice as i am new to sm. Also i am planning on getting it plated and using it on the street. Im going to use the 07+ WR lights but what needs to be done electrically?

here is what they state for bike setup for ND sm series.

"This is standard requirements to race in all states. Oil plugs must be either safety wired tied or siliconed to prevent leakage. You can dab the oil drain bolt with high temp (gorilla) silicone as a minimum. Catch cans must be installed on all carb and crankcase breather overflow vents or lines. For our North Dakota races we will be a little lienient. But, if you have any oil or other fluids leaking you will not be able to race or practice. Kickstands must be removed. Snell 95 or newer for a minimum on all helmets. Must have goggles or full face helmet with shield for eye protection. Suitable, protective riding gear mandatory. See AMA rules if in question."

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