2000 426 Conversion...

Hey. I am thinking about converting my yz426 into an sm. What is the easiest way to do this? Also what is the cleanest catch can/how does the swing arm catch can conversion work out? I need advice as i am new to sm. Also i am planning on getting it plated and using it on the street. Im going to use the 07+ WR lights but what needs to be done electrically?

here is what they state for bike setup for ND sm series.

"This is standard requirements to race in all states. Oil plugs must be either safety wired tied or siliconed to prevent leakage. You can dab the oil drain bolt with high temp (gorilla) silicone as a minimum. Catch cans must be installed on all carb and crankcase breather overflow vents or lines. For our North Dakota races we will be a little lienient. But, if you have any oil or other fluids leaking you will not be able to race or practice. Kickstands must be removed. Snell 95 or newer for a minimum on all helmets. Must have goggles or full face helmet with shield for eye protection. Suitable, protective riding gear mandatory. See AMA rules if in question."

ive got a 2000 i built for SM....

used the UFO catch can. i think the WR airbox/boot has the opening for the oil breather, in which case id recommend that.

some pics..



i have the 03 to 05 plastics on her so im not going to get a WR airbox. I should have mentioned the 03-05 plastics as the 07+ WR tail will not work with the stock plastics from 2000-02

ah. well, you can modify your existing boot and use a generic PCV valve gromet and route the breather there

alright thanks. Im getting the pc carb vent system to take care of the breathers on the carb, as hey want those covered too....I have no idea how to make all the lines on the carb go into a catch can unless i dont need them to. but thats they way it sounds....

Check the top left side of your airboot just fwd of the airbox for a rubber extension that is blocked off. I have a Yamaha parts list and instructions for rerouting the crankcase breather hose that I could email you. It uses all Yamaha parts and is very cheap. If you don't have the rubber extension you can just simply change the airboot only. PM me your email and I'll send it.

yep....since pretty much all YZ's are the same (as far as the brakes from 99-07) that will work fine.

heres where my UFO catch can is and routing....ive since cleaned up the install, but you get the idea...


nice, im gonna have to order that catch can. I am runnin the PC carb vet system tho too, so i will have less lines runnin to the can.

So i should just order the conversion for the 98-01 or should i go with the 03-05??

Well i recieved my first order for the conversion... just a small order...

-Acerbis SM Front Fender

-Moose Fuel Mixture screw

-UFO Frame Guards

-PC Carb Vent System

-All the Yamaha parts to route the oil breather into the air boot

-Works Connection Caliper Guard

Next comes the Baja Designs Lighting kit, and the Epic Moto Sports Conversion.... Along with other misc...

deja vu from SMJ. haha.

glad youre on the right track. keep us posted

too bad youre in ND. its be nice to hit the track with ya.

ya, too bad im in nd.... We dont have many tracks... actually just one... i wanna either help this grow in ND or move to a place where you can ride almost all year round and has a few tracks and more people that know what it is.... Im actually the first SM guy in Fargo... that i know of and i know the bike scene pretty well. plus the weather here drives me nuts. 40 yesterday and 11 today...

come out to vegas or make it to socal

vegas would be nice. i dont really like cali just due to the emissions crap....

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