Rekluse settings and manual??? vs. jetting

Ok so I am not pleased with my low rpm performance on my 2004 yz250 2 smoke. My buddy has an '06 and we are running the same pre-mix and the same jetting exactly, we have the same pipe, just diffferent silencers, and I have a rekluse, ho does not. Out on the trails today, and we switched bikes, he was running awesome, my low end felt like it hesitated, and was gutless, but when in the mid to full throttle range it felt good. I was originally thinking of going leaner on the pilot cuz i had a little spooge, but his jetting was perfect. Now I think it might be that the Rekluse is engaging at too high of an rpm or that some other adjustment in the rekluse is off.

Does anyone know where I can download a manual, and what are the different adjustments inside there???? What should I try thanks?

ok thanks, got the manual. Does any have experience with setting the rekluse, do you need to buy the different springs? How many adjustments are there adn what do they all do?

With the YZ I assume you are running the perch adjuster. There are two springs a light one for offroad use and a heavier one for MX. Go back to the Rekluse sight and look up the perch adjuster instructions. The perch adjuster can be adjusted as well.

sorry it's the Pro model, so I still have a clutch lever. I know there is a hard and soft spring and you can change if it engages at low medium or high rpm. Anyone have experience with this?

Use the black spring with 27 balls. Make sure your installed gap isn't too wide.

Rekluse suggests Rotella T, I use Ford type F ATF.

The clutch will lock up hard and not be a cause of sluggish performance. Get you jetting squared away and your bike will be OK. Remember, the auto clutch isn't an auto tranny. Don't lug your engine which causes accelerated clutch wear.

I attached the tuning guide for the YZ.


ok thanks, I'm going to move my needle up 1 positiona nd see if that helps.

So I'm running 80 torco synthetic right now, should I change to the non syntheitic? Do you think that makes a difference with the rekluse?

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