New Trail at Draper

Anybody ridden the new black trail off of the red trail at Draper? It was closed today. I would like to get some ride reviews. Heard it had some more technical single track on it!!!

Tim From what I hear, that trail won't be ready till April. It is supposed to be " for experienced riders only" You can check at okiedirt riders website for more info. P.S. you missed a good day at the 500 Sunday. Joe

Hey Joe, how ya doin. We rode Draper Saturday and talked to some guys that said they had ridden it. It was supposed to be open mid March they said. We got to the turn off to it and decided we didnt have the energy to ride it cause we had allready had a full day so we just finished up the red trail. When we got back to the parking lot we talked to those guys again and they said it had been closed again when they got to the turn off so who knows. We heard it was a little more technical and you know thats what I like. They said there were a lot of stumps stickin up and a flat tire danger when thet rode it last week. They might have just got on it when the closed signs were knocked down. I am jonesin to check it out. Ty and I are supposed to head east for 4 days at the start of his spring break. We are lookin at Talihina, Brock Creek and Chadwick. It all depends on the weather. Right now thet are forecasting 50-60 % chance of showers for two of our days so we will be playin it by ear.

Hey Joe.....

As soon as we can get the trailer out of the snow and the road dries out.... We are coming down to Stillwater and OK... :thumbsup: ...Its been one long winter up this way.... So practice your riding... You know how fast we aren't.....:eek::D


Tim the rideoklahoma site had a posting today, the black trail is still being made. It is still scheduled to open 1st of April. They added some tractor tires( like Endurocross type stuff) Should be FUN

Nick, come on down, we can go riding some more. It's supposed to be close to 70 here today. woooohooo

Wish I could find that report you refrenced in ride oklahoma. I cant find it. Did find some other stuff about how first the black trail might be open in Jan then Feb. Now you say April. Guess I/we need to get off our duffs and get out there and help get the trail open. I still dont think it will have the elevation changes I like (hills) but it sure sounds like they are doin a lot of creative stuff to make it technical.

Very cool! Thanks for the link. Looks like we are gonna get damp on our spring break trip.

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