Where and how do u mount an hour meter?

read title im gonna get my first fourstroke and obviosuly wanna keep track of all the riding and hours i put on it so i can do maintence accordingly and such so if anyones got a pic or something of how they did it that would be great... i kno the 2 best spots are in the airbox and below the handle bars.

also how do they work are they wired in or do they scnse vibration or something

Mine is mounted in the fat bar pad. I carved out a spot in the pad and the cover holds it in. It also has a wire that wraps around the plug wire.

I mounted mine on the CDI box behind the number plate. Be careful though if you put it here cause the fork tubes may hit it when the steering is at full lock.

I zip tied mine in the air box. I figure its safe there and i pull my air filter off every ride any way so im not going out of my way to see how many hours are on my bike.

I have the trailtech endurance on my CRF230F. I mounted on the cluch lever side of the bar just above the crossbar. It's out of the way,unless I crash I guess:bonk: but it's within eye view for speed readings. You have to replace one of the rotor bolts with a magnetic bolt or there's another magnet mounting option. You can either zip tie the sensor to the caliper or drill a hole in the caliper the kit comes with self taping screws :thumbsup: Once I decided to do it it only took about 30 to 45 minutes. I think the location though is realy open to personal preference.

I have tried it in many spots but i finally decided that the best is in the handlebar bad.. I just carved a rectangle shape hole placed it in there and the cover holds it in fine.

mines Velcro's under the seat.

I saw this sweet ass mount a few weeks ago on here when someone asked this ? that it bolts on the front of the gas tank tab where the bolt goes in the frame. Sorry I dont remember what its called though

its made by napalmracing.com i hope thats his webpage

TT store pg.898 hour meter mount $7.95

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