KX 250 Starting Problems ?

Put In New Plug Runs Great when it runs but very hard to start by kicking it the only way i could start it was buy roll startin it . is it the carb the bike has been sitting for a while and just need help on what to do?

somebody help

Sounds like it could be the carb. Did you try using the choke?

Sounds like it could be the carb. Did you try using the choke?

yeah i tried to use the chock but that didnt really seem to help that much just a little

First thing you should do is check the compression. When the compression starts to get low, hard starting is one of the first symptoms. Kick-starting can't generate enough static compression to fire the engine, but bump-starting spins it a little faster so it starts.

If the compression is good, check the reed condition, the float height, and the stator output. Disassemble the carb and give it a thorough cleaning. Be very diligent about the passages in the body, even small amounts of deposits will affect operation.

Once you know for sure everything is in good mechanical condition, you need to work on the jetting, starting with the pilot circuit. Get the bike completely warmed up, and start adjusting the air screw. Close it completely, then open it one and a half turns. Set a fast idle, and start adjusting the air screw until you find the point where the idle speed is fastest. If you are less than 1 turn from fully closed, your pilot is too lean. If you are more than two and a half turns out your pilot is too rich. If the air screw has little or no effect, then the pilot is way off, and you'll need to get several sizes, a couple sizes richer than the current one and a couple leaner, and start testing.

Also when trying to start with the chock on DO NOT turn the throttle when kicking. I see people do this all the time and it makes it very hard to start.


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