xr650L 2008, need help please

he rippers, pickted up my xr on friday from the dealer...

i m from a very small place in the montain and the honda dealer guys are really great but i m not so sure they know a lot about the 650l...

cold start= with choke ok then after 40 to 60 sec. let the choke go slowly and try to go forward i have to give it lots of gaz or it will die and it it did not dies it back fires like a mad man waking up the neighbours and they are about 2 km. away...

ones it is warm and going the firts 1/8 of the throttle is not smouth at all, it seems like i have no super slow throttle and if i try to stay in the middle in click on and off making the bike go super unsteady...

heres wath i have on the bike.

dynojet- 165 main stock pilot ( the mechanic told me he followed the instructions...)

white bros e2 exhaust.

uni air filter

snokel off

smog is still there, i m still waitindg for the blog off kit.(next week)

could it be the washer on the needle that is to tick or not tick anough

could it be to rich 160 insted of 165

a misadjustement of the mixture screw

i told them about the daves mod when i bough the nike and they told me they did not know... they are very willing guys and i know there doing there best.

tanks a lot for taking the time to read me and your help will be so so apreciated.


Sounds like you need to go up on the pilot. That controls the first 1/8 throttle.

What is your elevation and average temp? There is a program in the jetting forum that will tell you your elevation.

You are still too lean on the pilot. The dynojet kit does not have a replacement pilot. Depending on your elevation, you may want to get a 55 pilot jet. Then grind the tab off the float bowl so you can get some adjustment out of the fuel screw.

Elevation is the key, what is it?

ok, my elevation is about 2300 feet, and the current temp. in the day time is a few degre above freezing point...

i really appreciate your help.

In that case, get a 55 pilot and do the tab grind... 2 1/2 turns out on the fuel screw. This should fix your complaint.:thumbsup:

martinfan and all you guys, this is unreal... i m so lucky i found you guys...

other than this problem the bike rock. i ll do those two things on monday.

Also make sure of this.. On the Dynojet kit, it comes with a washer. This washer goes on top of the needle clip. The needle clip should be in the 3rd position from the top. Also, for a tiny bit of extra throttle reponse, drill the two outer holes in the vacuum slide to 5/32".

will follow your instructions precicely. tanks again

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