Other years Exhausts Fit my YZ400?

Hey Guys I figure I can ask here before I spend my Money. I am not finding a lot of different exhausts for my 98YZ400 Super Moto and was curious if anyone had put a later year system on one? A Buddy has a system on his 06 that he is thinking of upgrading will the 06 (Or other years) work?

I know that all YZ426F (2000-2002) fit the YZ400F.

I have a 99 YZ400F and I have an FMF Power Core 4 (for a YZ426F) on my bike and it works great!!! It took a bit work to get it into place but it fit perfectly.

I hope that helps!!!

Good luck finding an Exhaust that works for you!!!

Patrick M.

All 98-02 YZ400/426F exhausts are the same as far as fit goes.

Thanks guys.

Some '03-'05 YZ pipes can be fairly easily fit to the earlier models. Having a clamped on muffler hanger and a slip fit between the mid pipe and muffler helps, too. FMF Ti4/Factory 4 pipes are an example.

99-02 all exhausts are interchangable! 450 will not fit on 426.

Sent you a PM, I'm in Lakewood

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