Got my eyes on an 03 crf450r

i just wanted to see what other people think about this bike. it my dads friends and he didnt ride it ever so it is in great condition. im steppin up from a dr350(love that bike:ride:) and i cant wait for the power of the crf. i guess some years are not as good as others and i wanted to know if im going to run into jetting issues or what. thanks for your input i really appreciate it:ride:


I totally love my 03. It has been a great bike for me with no major issues. I have well over 200hrs on it. I am also getting ready to do a rebuild on her in the next couple months. I just gotta save my dinero a little more to send the head out to RHC.

take care of the bike and it will take care of you......keep that filter spotless and keep that engine oil changed and check your valves occasionaly and you will be good!

Been riding my '03 since it was new. I love it. Keep up on your oil and airfilter and you will be fine. I did send my head out to RHC about 50 hours ago and no problems. However I did get about 200 out of the stock valves.

i believe i may get over 200 hours on my 03.....still all original.....but i only ride maybe 4-5 months a year..ohio sucks

the 03 is probably the most versatle of the CRF years. Its flywheel is a tad heavier than the later year bikes. The chassis is stabile and easy.

Ive got over 100 hours on mine.

Becareful right out of the gate on it. Its got roughly twice as much power as that DR.

I love my 03, like all have said oil/filter will keep the bike in your good graces. Have fun with it, it's alot more bike than your DR

Same here I love my 03. I just did my first top end on it this winter. I sent my head to RHC and it runs great.

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