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my KX intro

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I have been in the Honda forums for a while now, and since I just got my kids a 2000 KX100 for $600, I figured I would introduce myself!

The bike overall is in great shape. The paint is rubbed off the frame from the boots (anyone got a link for the OEM paint color? I saw some engine enamel spray paint that was REAL close, not sure if it is usable for this bike, though), and a few other cosmetics things, but, this thing is cool, sepecially for $600.

Top end (piston, bearings, rod,) all new/rebuilt carb, new cylinder jug. I just ordered some new stuff to make it a bit nicer and safer for them to ride. Pretty much all it NEEDS is a set of sprockets and a chain. Tires are good for a few months. I did polish up the rims, and they look almost new. The kids want new plastic (I said NO!), but we settled for new graphics.

I don't remember much about 2 strokes (I'm a 4 stroke guy), the last one I had was in 2000 (Eric Gorr built RM125), and the last 2 stroke I had was back in the early 90s. 1989 KX125. It was PURPLE, with neon green spider webs. Yeah, the 90s....

I'll post up some pics later, I am sure I'll be in here a lot asking questions, figured I would tell you something about myself for future reference. I spend a lot of time deployed, so I will be here or THERE.

See you around the tracks! JL

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PJ1, got it...guess I'll order me some...thanks for the tip!

Hopefully I get all the new parts in today so they can ride it. The kick starter boss was already shearing off, so when I kicked it the other day, my massively powerful leg (haha) finalized the boss, and the kick-starter went full aft, and stayed there....easy fix, just waiting...

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