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Big bore kit?

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Any way finally pulled the old dr out of storage after a couple of years, and boy was she a filthy beast. to make a long story short a couple years back when I shut her down she had 24k on the odometer, It sounded as though a whole flock of birds lived in my tail pipe. (valves I know) and would use a little oil between changes. So after tearing down the carb and a good cleaning I put it back on kicked on that thing like a rented mule and finally she took like a flame to a wick, only prob was some smoke to go with it so I tore down the top end to see what I had going and over all everything seems to be in decent condition, odly enough the cross hatch is still visible in the bore from the original hone job:confused: piston looks ok but I'm wondering if the rings aren't a little fried as I didn't throw the compression tester on first to see what kind of pressure it had. so I figured it was time for a 441 kit from Jesse. just wondering what opinions anyone out their had on the kit? I've heard mention that vibrations are pretty bad after the 441 mod, is there any trueth to this? Also is their any better options, or should I just throw the beast back together as a 350 with a new piston rings etc etc etc???? any advice would be appreciated

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