Name that Sound, my DR350

I recently purchased a 99 DR350 with around 9,000 miles on it. The bike is in great condition with mostly road miles. It runs great but it seems to make a loud clattering if its in a higher gear then it wants to be in. For example if you were to put it in third when you first take off and then full throttle it, or if you were about to stall it out, that kinda rattle. Its definetly not valve noise. I dont know if its just because it's a large cc bike and thats just the way the motor sounds, or if I have something internal loose. Any help would be great.



dont bog it down to much

it's the chain rattling, the engine power pulses get close to the resident frequency of the chain, so it rattles, it's isn't exactly good for the chain, it will stretch it, but it won't cause any damage to anything else really, it's pretty much a 4 stroke exclusive problem.

Ive heard my dads FJ1200 do that a couple of times.

sounds like it might be detonation,try higher octane fuel

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