Why do you ride a DRZ 400

Why do you choose to ride a DRZ instead of a WR or CRFX or KTM. I am just interested in your opinion. Thanks

For me, it was the cheapest way to get a reliable SM bike...


40 Mpg.

hot chicks.

Cause I like it.....and I get about 68 mpg on the street if I stay out of the gas.

Fun and reliable way to SM. I would also say cheap, but that was before the mods...

It can fall over on the trail, survive and if the body parts get scratched or dinged it's no big deal.


> I like Kawi Green.:thumbsup:

> It's a great do it all back road, gravel road, logging road, fire road, trail bike:prof:

> With a better seat it's also reasonable to ride secondary highways for hours to get to better (dirtier) roads.:eek:

> It's fast enough to safely take on the freeway for an hour if needed:p

> Reliable and Low maintenance:worthy:

> Lighter than a KLR:thumbsup:

Here in California it's the best street legal option for a dirt bike. Until I'm rich KTM will not be an option.


cause the Chinese scooters weren't quite cutting it in the dirt and were only slightly better on the commute.

I bought a house.

I did some work.

We sold the house.

We made some money.

Wifey bought me the bike as a present.

That's why I ride one.

I love the wife and the bike. In that order.

at the time it was 1/2 the cost of a ktm sm and its fun to make go faster

I ride a DRZ because I want one bike that can literally do it all and I honestly don't believe that there are any other viable options out there with the reliability and low maintenance of the DRZ.

Why do you choose to ride a DRZ instead of a WR or CRFX or KTM. I am just interested in your opinion. Thanks
hot chicks.

haha dj, all the ladies know it's gotta be at least a 750:smirk:

DRZs 4 me, lowest maintenance, cheapest:thumbsup: , lots of aftermaket/ebay parts (i crash alot:)) plated and it rocks.

Dirt/Street % 4 u, would help TT forum if u r posting 4 advice.:thumbsup:

Tony Soprano, its all about order:worthy:

I would assume - due to the bikes you are comparing it too - that you are asking about the E model -

Anyway, I love the CRF, WR and the KTM. All amazing bikes. All great bikes. The DRZ is just as cool, just as fun, just as entertaining, just tough, just as etc...

The difference is that the CRF, WR, etc seem to be more race oriented - by that I mean they have a little more power from the factory. In squeezing the extra little bit out, they have also increased the service intervals, increased the expense of service, made the bike more "finicky" and less reliable. All those are available at race bike pricing - 7 grand and up. DRZ is 2 to 3 grand cheaper. Are the other bikes worth 2 grand more? If you do two grand in mods to the E model DRZ, you will have way more power, still more reliablitiy, and still easier and cheaper maintenance. It really is a win win situation. Yes, the DRZ is a little heavier than the competiters and that is a factor. There are lots of factors, but when you add it all up, the DRZ is the best value and still tons of fun.

For what it is worth, I own the SM model of the DRZ and all the info I have written here is regergitated from all the stuff I have read here on TT.

Welcome to TT and whatever you get, have fun and be safe,


I ride a DRZ because it's the most fun I've ever had on a motorcycle.

I ride a DRZ because it's a dirt bike I can ride on the street.

Best insurance by far!

1. Street legal.

2. Savings in gas, using SM instead of Chevy truck, pays for the payment and the insurance.

3. Still have a 06 CRF450R for dirt work!

Why do you choose to ride a DRZ

all it takes is one ride... Then u wil know why we ride DRZs

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