2005 CRF450R dual exhaust????

i got an 05 450r and i seen a few pics of a 450 with dual exhaust.. i think its like a mrd or something.. but i want your opion would it be a good idea to get one or not:excuseme: thanks

Are you sure your not thinking of the crf250? I would stay away from the duel it adds more weight. Unless you have the money to buy something that cost 1000+

MRD duals are $750 I think. I read in another thread that they add some weight and about .5 horsepower over the single. Plus they look sweet.

i am not worried about the weight that much a few pounds really isnt much unless ur racing against the pro's or something.. i am just trying to get into racing.. but ya they look sweet and add a little hp

What do you do about the number plate not having the bulge does'nt it look unbalanced ?

maybe.. it doesnt seem that hard to put on..

I remember seeing an Akropovic dual system on Ryan Hughs 450 a few years back in the pits at Steel City. Didn't take a close look at the LH side panel though.

Would the left side plate on a 250f work?

maybe the 250f side will work... i dont know but i will ask around

Yes, MRD will do and has a Dual Exhaust for the CRF, but the performance is more geared for top end and supermoto bikes, not that they wouldnt work, but give Dave at MRD a call and pick his brain he'll give you the low down. www.mrd-racing.com

ok thanks man i appreciate it..

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