XR500L oil filter question

I need to change the oil on my 500 and I was told it does not have an oil filter. Is this true? If so how often should I be changing the oil and how much does the engine hold as I do not have a service or owners manual for the bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MMM..Not familiar with an XR500L..Do you mean an XL500R..82 model non RFVC engine.If so they have an oil screen inside the clutch casing.Requires removal of the clutch case to check it...I hardly ever bother personally but if this bikes new to you it may pay to take a look at it..Oil...1.6 US quarts if its a standard change...2.1 qts if its after a rebuild.Once every 1800miles or 3000k's is the book recomendation for the change time..More regular is better on those motors as the delivery system to the heads kinda primitive so pays to keep the oil in half decent nick.

I am sorry I do mean the XR500R. Thanks for the info. I am planning a dual sport ride in Jersey and want to go over the bike and give it some needed attention. It has low miles and I got it from the second owner.

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