I need a smog pump...

that looks like the one I need...

Hey MountainMax, Check your P.M.

You guy's are awesome. Thanks to everyone for the all of the responses!!!:thumbsup::eek:

Even during red sticker dates they would not let you ride that is BS.

Once you get the smog back on use a ball bearing make sure it fits snog and then away you go. My buddy is a mechanic and has been doing it for years to pass smog tests. I know but it works. I have no back fire no misfire and no poping.

I've got an '07 WR and all the factory smog crap was taken off by the dealer. I found out that the AIS removal kits that were first used on '07's were made for '06 bikes. They cut off that metal piece on my bike (see pic above). I got everything put back on and just used a heavy duty automotive hose to make the bend. Works perfect and looks like it will be much less likely to break or bend.

Just an FYI for those with 07-08 bikes that had this done. By the way, that metal part lists for more than $80.00!

It's in the mail rushfan, air mail, 5-9 days they told me to CA :thumbsup:

This is the one. Thanks again MountainMax. You are a man of integrity.

I don't get on this board too much, but, out of nowhere, I come along and ask for something from you guy's. Not only do I always get good advise, but MountainMax stepped up to the plate and came through. :confused: This all worked out really well. :sweden::excuseme: :excuseme:

Glad you got it in time for your ride. We are here to help...

If a 08 will fit you can have mine

he alreayd has mine, installed and is out riding it now :confused:

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