No compression

Was hosing down some dirt off my bike yesterday night. It started up fine after tat to park my bike

But this morning was trying to kick start it, there was no compression at all.

any idea what could be my prblm? was suggested that was faulty sparkplug. But is it possible tat a plug could foul overnight?

btw there's light coming from my headlight when i kickstart. and oh. i'm riding a 97 xr4

thank you

Maybe some water got into the intake somehow. A plug will not foul by itself overnight. I'd pull the plug and squirt a little oil in the hole and kick over to work it into the rings. Then try again to start it.

Might be a long shot, but disconect your decomp cable from the motor, i removed mine and never looked back.

Might be a long shot, but disconnect your decompression cable from the motor, i removed mine and never looked back.

Not sure how a spark plug would affect compression unless it was loose or out.

thank you martinfan30 it worked~! thou i took me quite some kicking to get it running. changed my spark plug @ the same time (and boy its black)

Bubbagums, confused myself thou...but it WORKED!

EMMS xr250, i've noticed the unless'ness off the decomp as well. only once in a while when i cant get tat kickstarter down. since you put it that way will remove it.

thankz for the input guys...appriciate it~!

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