What Honda?!?!?

hey you guys,

i was wondering what honda would best fit my size.

my choises are a 2004-2006 crf230 or a 2004-2006 crf450.

i am 5 11' about 170 pounds, but also hopeing to hit 185 during the summer

i was not quite sure what to get for my size, i have herd a many good things about both of the bikes. Im a pretty good rider, and i would prfer a kick start if either the 230 or the 450 have it. So if you ould help me out id appricate it

Thank You,


[p.s. im new so if i did something wrong please tell me so i dont make the same mistake, thank you.]:thumbsup:

i also ride on the roads quite often to get to riding spots, so i would like speed.

thank you

the 230 and 450 are COMPLETELY different machines, the 230 can be compared to an R< heavy, not very powerful, not great suspention and reliable, while the 450 is VERY powerful, very good handling and suspention.

if you hav't got any rding experience on two wheels skip the 230 because you will outgrow it, and go a 250F, a 450 is a lot to go from 4 to 2 wheels on and can be quite overwhelming, and very tiresome.

alrighty thank you

Listen to Ttoks. 450 requires a lot of maintenance fitness and skill. 230 requires not much maintenance, very little skill, and no fitness. I'd look at something different to both of those bikes. You might want to consider a KLX 300 or KDX220/200. KLX300 will go on road good. And hit the trails nicely to. 250f still requires quite a bit of maintenance but is a good machine with good controllable power for you.

If i were you i'd get the kdx200/220, fast, reliable bike.


good suggestions there, a KDX 200 or 220 are both great bikes:thumbsup:

another thought is possibly one of the new yamaha WR250R's, back to back dyno test's have shown them to be about as powerful at an XR400 (around 30-35 hp), yamaha say's they are incredibly reliable, as in 40'000 KM's (around 26k miles) between valve checks/adjustments, 5k KM's (around 3k miles) between oil changes, 10k KM (6k miles) between oil filter changes, they have a top speed of around 150 km/h (90 MPH) and can easily cruise at highway speeds all day if you want due to there long ratio box, but still has first, second and third low enough for trails, and is fuel injected, don't have to worry about jetting, ever, but has good suspention on it unlike any other low maintenance off road bike, makes for one hell of a package if you ask me.

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