Shock springs?

Hi. I was wondering if anyone has any extra 5.0 kg/mm rear shock springs that you want to sell or possibly trade for a 5.2 or 5.4? Thanks. I have a 2005 TC250, by the way.

Some of you 145 to 165 pound 04 WR 125 guys may want to swap with him as for whatever reason the 04 came with a 5.2 rear and makes it stink bug in the rear bad and the 5.0 would be more better

no, no, I do not have a 5.0 spring, I want to get one because at 150lbs, the rear of my TC250 is too stiff for me with 5.4 and 5.2 springs. I thought some of the 2 stroke bikes came with a 5.0 spring, right?

So, I guess not, huh?

Let me see what I have and if I sell the 125 or not.

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