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I just bought a '95 rm 250. I got it off of Craig's list for $400. The guy who sold it to me said it was a '96. After looking at parts and bikes I am sure it is a '95. However, I didn't figure this out until I had bought a '96 front master cylinder and caliper from ebay (the bike didn't have a cylinder or lever). The caliper wont bolt on the '95 forks. So, I just bolted the brake line from the master cylinder/lever onto the old caliper. I think I bled the brakes out pretty well, but I cant get the piston to actuate properly. I can get the piston closest to the bike to extend out (1 out of 2), but only when I pump the lever continuously. This still doesn't seem to give me any braking whatsoever. My first thought is that the volume of fluid dispersed from the '96 cylinder isn't enough to actuate the '95 caliper. Any thoughts?

:ride: ---It's like constant Deja Vu in here with the "i think it's this year " sell & buy.

lmao ...i was this cat in Jan 2007.:lol:

First you would want to get the Clymer Book to see if the 95-96 parts line up .

I'll betcha a buffalo nickel it doesn't though because 89-95 are similar and 1996-2000 were more of a match. :ride:

No question is dumb though man and one move you made is coming to this forum that was golden. :D

Lots of knowledge and tricks to the trade on anything RM here

You got Uncle Alpo (guru) ,AlexSuzuki (just make sure it's not a day he needs cranberry juice) , Spike (just built a project bike in mint from the ground up ..and beat me to it :thumbsup: - another story) , Camm aka the mad scientist.

That's just to name a few that have helped me in here get through some :eek: times with my project.

Get that Clymer ....get some questions together and hold on to that sense of humor.:ride:

God luck and welcome to TT:thumbsup:

You got a heck of a bike for a heck of a deal. I paid that for my 95 250 from Craigslist and it was in pieces (engine too) and missing a lot of the plastic, pipe, silencer and a few other misc. items. Not to mention I think I bought Home Depot out of metric bolts (fortunately all the engine bolts were there). ANYWAY, after getting it all together and running it is a screamer and I get a lot of comments on it. I don't think I would trade it for a new one.

Many of the parts are interchangable between 93, 94 and 95s, 96 was a new design. I'd try to find the right one.

Most any master cylinder should work fine as long as it's moving fluid. If you're having to pump the lever continuously there's either air in the system, or the fluid is bleeding back through the master cylinder. Make sure the connections are tight and not leaking; new crush washers are cheap and make for a good seal.

Brake fluid attracts moisture from the air. If the bike was sitting without a master cylinder for a while rust could have formed in the caliper and frozen that piston. You could try pushing the frozen one back in a little with a C-clamp to try to unstick it.

The first thing I'd do is take the caliper apart, clean it up and install new seals. If you still can't build enough pressure to move the pistons you may have to rebuild the master cylinder. The kits (both caliper and master cylinder) aren't expensive.

I got the Clymer manual which has helped me greatly. I appreciate hearing that I am not the only one to buy a "needs TLC" machine. I have been able to get the brakes going and the motor running. Thanks again, Jack

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