What is a good jet setting for my 06 wr250f?

I need to jet my wr250f because I bought it in california out of the crate and its not set for the elevation in Utah. I live at about 5,000 ft. and ride places around that elevation. What is a good jet to put in for this?

Also, I am kinda new to dirt bikes but I wanted to know if I should take it into the dealer to do the jet setting or could I do this with my buddy who has done jets before? Is jetting hard to do?

The best thing you can do is get a James Dean jetting kit. With the kit, the help of your pal, it is easy to do. The kit comes with complete and accurate instructions. Just read them a few times till you understand the concept. Actual install time is less than an hour for a noob. A good wrench could do it in 10 minutes.

Take a read of the jetting database at the top of the forum too, to see what guys are running. Then also take a look at what jets are already in your bike. Be sure to keep written records of the jetting in your bike. Makes things a lot easier.

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