Dealer satisfaction

I am curious how everyone is making out at their dealership. I made a post about it on the DRZ page. The responses were not good for most. Mine is pretty good. No deal on price, but great service and ok deals on parts.

I cant complain about my local dealership. Maybe it's because my I've bought twelve bikes from them? I'm good friends with one of thier salesmen?,I ride with the service manager?,My daughter is on thier race team?,I also get 30% off at the parts counter because my wife gave the parts manager such a hard time buying her riding boots one day he automaticlly putt it in the computer so he never has to deal with her again. As a matter of fact,I'm on my way there today to buy another bike. Then again, maybe I just bought my way into the club.

My dealer forgot about me as soon as I walked out the door. There was never a letter or phone call to follow up and although I go back into the store (Bow Cycle in Calgary) it's as if I had never patronized their shop. (I paid full MSRP for the '00WR400 and then purchased another $1000 worth of gear at the same time) The experience was far from friendly and for that reason I service my 6 bikes elsewhere. I think the customer service side of their shop needs a little fine tuning.

Mixed bag for me. Purchased two bikes at Hinds Motorsports in Columbus, OH. No problems here. Good guys. I don't ask them many techie questions as the group of folks here seem to be more knowledgeable. They were close in regards to jetting specs, which I already figured out, I was just testing them. That in itself was impressing to me.

Prices are good, never had the bike serviced here but another friend had great luck with his Ducati here. Everyone in the shop seems to be helpful, thumbs up for them.

ASK powersports was a different story. They lied to me about price, lied about availability, and lied about final prep items. I told them to FO in short order after I was promised a bike for months. Of course when I said I found the WR elsewhere, "they had it in a crate out back". Another friend was looking for a YZ, called ASK the day after I was told they had one, the same salesperson fumbled and said it was already sold (they knew we knew each other). Yeah, right, they never had it. They were happy to refund my deposit after about 4 nagging phone calls :)

NEVER will buy even chain lube from them again.


My inpression of Freedom Cycle in Concord, NH: They cover ALL territory between SUCK & BLOW. Unless you are a chick who gives the impression of putting out for a deal, FORGET IT.

I talked to their Head Mechanic about having to re-jet due to cam rolling and airbox cover removal. He said I wouldn't have to, and then after a very long pause, admitted he really didn't know.

I bought mine from SKY Cycle in Lunenburg MA. They sell Suzuki, Kaw, Yamaha (SKY...) and now Honda too...

The experience buying from them was a good one, the price was OK, inventory was OK, they don't have an overwhelming inventory of aftermarket stuff but all the basics are covered.

The thing I have liked about them ever since I started visiting there as a dreaming kid is the fact that their staff knows what they are talking about, they ride and understand the bikes and just treat you like a person. They don't pull the smooth talking dealer BS on you like some of the other shops. Don't forget that the people who work there today are the same ones who worked there last year.

In summary, I only bought my bike recently so I haven't really pushed them too hard yet but the impression is quite good so far.

(This is more than I can say for their nearby competitor located further west on Route2 in MA who I found pulled some of the same crap described by MCARP at ASK Powersports. Pricing and availability changes minute by minute 'oh, that was a special price, I can't offer it to you now', the sales people don't know what they are talking about 'oh yeah, the KDX 220 and the WR400 have basically the same performance and handling' followed by 'oh, no, Ive never ridden either one'. Don't forget the counter staff that will gladly engage in a 15 minute casual conversation with a customer or on the telephone while several other customers stand by waiting for help.

Wow. I thought I was going to share a couple of quick thoughts about the dealer I bought from. Instead, it ended up being a tirade against the other dealer. Oh well.

Has anyone else here dealt with SKY Cycle?

at least I am not the only one to get screwed over by Ask they gave me tons of problems on my 426. You made the right decision on going to Hinds their one tech races a yz 400/426 in the same class I do and he knows his stuff.I would trust them with my bike


2000 Yz 426

Don't F*ckin ASk................

I made tha same post on DRZ page with similar results. I am feeling better about my dealer now. I recieved cards for thank you and x-mas. I got 10% off( better than nothing)certificates in the mail. If I am buying anything expensive, they give me a break on price. They know my voice on the phone and ALWAYS ask how the bike is running and how I'm doing when I go there. No deal on the price of the bike, But I can live with that as long as the keep making me feel like thay care. Thats there job, Right? Hodson Cycles Nashua NH. I dont know how some of these dealers make $$. I hav a dealer 5 min from my house but prefer to drive elsewhere becuase they suck. Cycle World of Londonderry NH wouldn't even get of there asses while I spent 15 min looking at a DRZ. At that point, no matter what a salesman says, no sale. I was the ONLY person shopping. If I owned a bike shop I would be schmoozing customers and keeping them happy in hopes they will return....and they would.

I was going to have a local dealer jet my bike for me the first time. When I was taking it out of the truck the mechanic asked if it was a 125 or a 250 (its a yz400)? Needless to say I packed it back up and jetted it myself. Havent been back since.



You gotta laugh at that.

My dealership in Denver told me when I took delivery of my 1999 WR400:

We can't show you how to start this bike because we don't know how and we gave up last year.

I went home, read the owners manual, kicked it over and it started 1st time!




Give me their number so I can call them up and thank them personally. I shudder to think where I’d be without their incompetence. :)

I bought 3 bikes from Sky cycle a LONG time ago. I was in the service in Ft Devens MA, I bought a 83 GS1100ES brand new from them, I bought a Kawasaki GPZ 750 and 1100 from them also. I also bought a Yamaha IT 250 from them. You sure jogged some memories. I remember they used to have a small track out back to try stuff out,do they still? Small world! I can sure say I spent some monet with that dealership, but they always treated us good.


00 WZ400

01 Yamaha Raptor

99 Kawasaki ZRX1100

99 Yamaha Warrior

Freedom Cycle New Hampshire. Once the sale was over, Have a nice life! They even gave me 10% off a hat and gloves after spending $5400.00. Button up your shirts, cause your heart is gonna fall out. Ron S.

About Dealers...

I got my WR426 from a place called Town & Country Sports Center in Cement City Michigan. Took delivery about three weeks ago. This dealership is fanatstic! They really worked with me with any questions I had. The price was real sweet too, under $6000 for the bike. If your in Southern Michigan and looking for a Bike give Darin a call there. His number is (517) 547-3333. Tell him that Dennis said to call him. You may need to remind him that I bought the 2001 WR426 from him. These people go threw alot of inventory, and they have a great parts and accessories department. :)


Hinds had a WR426 on the floor a few weeks ago...I would definately recommend them if you're in Central Ohio.

Hey SMRMX, if you want to ride sometime, drop me a line. I ride Honda Hills, Wayne, and Perry amoing other spots. The weather will be clearing up soon enough I hope! I'll be taking the WR to them should I need any work I can't handle-didn't know their tech races them!

I'm lucky enough to live in an area where there are a LOT of Cycle dealers, most (non-Harley dealers) selling Yamahas. I don't know about you, but it seems that the biggest deciding factor in which dealership to choose is whether or not I can get there before the shop closes on a weeknight. It's sad to say that, because as a result, poor service tends to be rewarded, the same as good service may not get reinforced.

If I were speaking to a group of bike shop owners, I'd tell them that one way to level the service playing field is with longer hours and more convenient days. Make Mondays the day you're closed instead of Sunday. Stay open till at least 7 pm on weeknights. Don't close early on Saturdays. Make it EASIER for the customer to patronize your business. That way, you'll be rewarded for good service by people going out of their way to get to your shop. Instead of just picking the closest one because they can get there before they close. Of course, if your shop gives crappy service, you'd probably go out of business...wake up, Rich, you're dreaming...

Originally posted by npuza:

When I was taking it out of the truck the mechanic asked if it was a 125 or a 250 (its a yz400)?

I can trump that. At the parts counter I said, “YZ 426” and the guy said, “Is that a Honda?

There’s not enough available bandwidth on this planet for me to properly describe just how bad the only local shop around here is. I try very hard to refrain from ever giving them any money, but sometimes I need something basic for the weekend like a chain or plug.

I have to keep it basic, they barely understand chains and spark plugs. The time I bought the plug the parts guy did not know what “NGK” was. The time I bought the chain a different guy thought the size denoted displacement, and was very sorry they did not have a 426 chain but thought a 520 might work in a pinch, even on my Honda YZ :)

Then, for entertainment purposes only, I called up and asked the service manager how to install a crank in my 426 provided I did not use the tool the manual called for. He suggested, with perfect sincerity, that I use a large hammer.

I’m not making any of this stuff up.

Formerly Team Mr.

Currently Mr. Motorcycle in El Paso (915-545-2453), give ‘em a call if you need a laugh. You should have seen the look on my buddy’s face when I repeated, “Just use a big hammer, huh?” back over the phone. Priceless.

I am really enjoyig reading these responses.

Bryan, I would like to call the shop and thank them as well


It is my belief bike shops are closed on Monday is due to the Sunday races. If those guys are as beat up as I was Monday morning...Screw Work!

Also, some shops bring their delerships to the races. This means getting home late on Sunday night and having to restore the stuff from the truck, onto the shelves.If/when I ever get my shop, this is what I would do.


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