Dealer satisfaction

Here in Reno the Yamaha dealership seems to be pretty pathetic. The salesmen seem to be pretty nice but are not willing to cut any kind of deal at all.You'll probably pay more than MSRP due to the fact that dirt machines are a hot product around here.

Parts dept. Well,there is a couple of nice people,but for the most part they act as though you're bothering them with your requests and questions.Seems as though one always has to order the necessary part no matter how small.(a 6mm bolt for example)

Service Dept. Quite frankly you'll be better off going right in the back and talking with the mechanics.(They seem to be pretty straight shooters)The service manager and his assistant are anything but friendly and helpful except when they hand you the pen to write the check for payment.Then they are your new best friend.

On a overall scale of 1-10 I think they have earned about a 2. Pretty stuck up and on average the highest prices in town.

Yes, I bought my '99 WR400 from Sky Cycles

just last month (used). It had a cracked

throttle slide, which they've replaced for

free, but there's still something with the

jetting. I'd be mad that they returned the

bike without sorting it out, except there is

12 inches of slush on the ground now so its

not like they could test ride it.

Everyone I've met there seems very

knowledgable and friendly. A few of

them I recognize from local track days

or I race against them. Their prices

seem OK. I didn't haggle much. The sales

manager is a bit busy most times to talk

to you, which is disapointing seeing that

everytime I go out there it is a two hour

trip for me.

I'd buy another bike there for sure, which

may not sound like a glowing recommendation

but there are many dealerships very close

to me that won't ever get a penny from me.

-Ken in Boston

Hey Ken,

Where do you ride?

NH Kevin (halfway between Concord, NH and Portsmouth, NH on Rt. 4)

You ever check out Razee Cycle in RI?

I bought my 00 426 from Young America Madison Wi., Good price but the salesman went in the back to start the bike to bring it around front and was gone for a 1/2 hour came back all sweaty and said he could not get it started. This guy is like 6'5" and 300#, the mechanic came out started it on the first kick and showed the salesman what the compression release was for.

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If you haven't come up with a name for your motorcycle shop I've got a few suggestions.

#1: NH NAMBLA cycle

#2: Ass paddle racing

#3: Swarthy cycle

#4: Laser eye racing

Just trying to help brother!..... :)


All the bike shops around my area are closed on Sundays and open on Mondays. Sunday seems to be their "play day". (I've ran across several sales people I know at the local riding area on Sundays.) I know it takes more of a commitment to the business to do this. It might even require hiring part time help just to work on Sundays, or rotating days off, etc.

What made me consider this aspect is that a dealership recently opened adjacent to the Croom motorcycle park in central Florida. They open at 7:30 a.m. EVERY DAY. They have saved me a ride home several times. These people look like they've got about 5 teeth between the whole bunch of them, but at least one thing they do understand is that you can't make money if you're not open. They are always busy and their prices are competitive, too.

After getting the usual price vs. demand BS from dealers in Denver, I got a pleasant surprise from an email I sent to Davis Service Center in Montrose, Colorado. I ended up paying a few bucks less than list price (including tax and everything) on an '01 WR426 and an '01 TTR125L for my son. They delivered the bikes to my door and the dealers son gave me a detailed lesson on how to start the 426, which I never would have believed unless until he showed me. They have sent thank you's and answer any inquiries I make in a reasonable amount of time. I ended up saving at least a grand over buying in town.

And I've never even been to their showroom. Sure, I have to deal with the locals for parts and service, but I'd buy from Davis and day of the week again. God I love the Internet!


Bill in Colo: '01 WR426F, '98 KLX300R, '01 TTR125L, '78 DR370, '74 DT360A. (My wife is a saint!)

This is a great topic people,as I would like to throw in my 2cents.I am in So.Cal. and as you're probably aware there is quite a few dealer ships in the area.Sorry to say my first impressions which IMO is the most important,has been quite negative.After standing around for 20 minutes without even a "may I help you " I usually walk out in disgust and go on to another one.I even once was at Berts Motorcycle Mall with 7000$ cash on me and all the sales staff was busy watching a basketball game,needless to say I went home bikeless. So if any manager types are reading here TEACH YOUR FREAKING SALESMAN SOME SALESMANSHIP SKILLS!!!!!P.S. I would NEVER allow one of your monkey mechanics to even touch my bikes.How else do you think I got 30,000 miles on a 92 DR-250.Its never been to a shop once.

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