Steering dampers

Scotts has a new Low mount bracket available for YZ's/YZF's and CR/CRF'seRKIScZLFOpaSZb.JPEGBrackets for other models are soon to follow.


Have you actually ridden the bike, or is it a garage-o-crosser? That thing looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor! I wish I could keep my bike looking like that. Not a chance. I ride through bushes, crash on hard-pack and rocks, brush against trees and clip rocks. I guess if I had a steering damper, I wouldn't hit everything on the trail and I'd have a fighting chance to keep it shiny and new, huh???

ok fitted the WER steering damper then come sunday i rode from 10am to 4pm at the motocross track,doing 10mile then 15mile sessions alternitally.

Then from 4;30pm till 8pm in the woods etc

initial reaction is the bike feels a lot more stable at speed, this is despite raising the forks in the tripple clamps. and shortening the wheelbase by adding a bigger rear sproket.

Also i felt pretty fresh after a very long day through sunshine/high winds/rain and hail.

Michellin M12's suck though,,,,well when compared to S12's they do.

Please feel free to contact Scotts Performance with any questions you may have about any of our products or bike questions in general.



voice= 818-248-6747

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What kind of deal ya got for Thumpertalk members?

I use the Scotts Dampner and love it. I will never ride without one again. It should be a one time expense as they can be moved from bike to bike. I switch mine back and forth between a WR400F and a KTM 520 E/XC.

If you guys want a real test ride with your damper on for a while and then disconnect it. Then you'll realize how much its doing. I had my clamp-on mount break (Scotts) and had to ride the rest of the ride with out it. That proved to me how important it was. I was all over the place going down sand washes I never had problems with before. Oh, by the way it was my fault it broke. I had been turning it up and didn't realize how far I had gone you could barely turn the bars when stopped damn thing was stable in the washes though.

Dan, keep a couple things in mind. I was sure I had damper problems when mine started locking up. So I removed it for the rest of the ride that day. Turns out my steering stem bearings were toast. When you look inside the Scotts damper, there isn't anything in there to cause it to lock up except dirt getting in there, extreme lack of service, or damage due to improper installation and/or a crash.

Another important point is how the damper is installed. The booklet Scotts provides with the damper is very specific about things to check when installing the damper. One thing I've seen overlooked quite a few times is the steering stops. The damper is NOT intended to be used as a stop. The frame tabs MUST be the stops, even if they require welding more material on to insure this.

A damper can be damaged in a crash. This is just about the only way (besides improper installation) that a damper can wear internally.

Kudos to GPR for servicing their dampers for free. When they get the number of dampers out there as Scotts, I can assure you they won't be doing them for free any longer. The Scotts isn't a difficult unit to service. Parts are available individually (the parts breakdown is in the instruction booklet sent with every new damper) and Scotts has always been very helpful with any questions I've ever had.

if you got $600 check this one out at i'm getting this it is truley the new bad boy :)

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