idle adjustment

i have a 2005 cr250r and i would like to set the idle higher so it doesnt cut out when i leave the throttle.

the reason behind this is in the desert if u fall its really hard starting the kick all the time in soft sand.

can some1 please post pics or explain to me how to adjust it as i cnt find anything on the bike that looks like a idle screw

many thanks

I dont have the pic, but there is a 8mm nut with a philips head screw on the left side of the carb.. Loosen the nut and turn the screw in..

on a kiehin its the choke knob! turn it counter clock wise lift up a little not enoough to pull it fully on but till you feel resistance and vice versa to turn it down.

my bike has a mikuni carb i still cnt find anything i think il need a photo.. on my brother 06 cr85 i can easliy find it but the 250 has a tps sp its hard to find the screw an so on

thanks guys i found it

i think i fouled my plugs adjustin it though

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