Dirty drz

Will a pressure cleaner hurt seals and gaskets on my drz?:thumbsup:


it wont hurt anything unless you spray it super close and hold it for a while. try to avoid spraying the carb as much as you can.:thumbsup:

Good going to buy one in the next few weeks .Sick of bucket and sponge thanks

I use a small electric one. Only 1300 psi. adjust the wand to a fan spray and you should be fine.

I use a small electric one. Only 1300 psi. adjust the wand to a fan spray and you should be fine.

Thats about what i was looking at .Only 100 aussie dollars:thumbsup:

We've one of those crap Super Cheap Auto ("Super Works" brand) ones, and it's lasted well for 2 or so years, and does a good job of cleaning. It was only like $70 aussie dollars anyway, so for $100, you'll get a better one. The only downside of our one is it doesn't have a soap attachment, and it can only use water from a hose, and not a bucket during water restrictions like the higher priced ones. Anything you buy will be better than a sponge.

I have a really powerful one and I've never had any trouble with it, like everyones been saying don't get to close and don't run the paint stripper setting or something. My brother did blow all the stickers off his left numberplate in about 1 second with it, so it is possible if your not careful.

As long as you stay away from spraying anything sealed (chain, elec connections, oil or grease seals, any place that has grease behind it ie steering head, swing arm) you will be fine. High pressure water can easily be pushed past those seals/ connections .. corrosion or rust will quickly follow.

All that said,, I’ve been pressure washing dirt bikes for as long as I can remember, once I learned the above,, I’ve not had any issues.

I would sure be careful around wheel bearings, headsets and the carb. I have a 5 hp cleaner and never use it on my bikes. I think it would work well for getting caked mud off from under the bike and under the bike, but other than that, I think good old soap and water do a better job.

Thanks to all


Will a pressure cleaner hurt seals and gaskets on my drz?:thumbsup:


It's best to just use a hose and a brush.... you will have to use a brush anyway. :eek:

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