yet another bog thread

its a 98 yz 125 boggs when going over big bumps whoops,jump really bad i had the floats adjusted at a yamaha dealer and it helped alot but it still does this are the floats the only thing it could be?

anyone please?

I would check for corrosion in any of the electrical connections. If your sure the carb is clean and in perfect working order.

Check for cracked reeds.

cracked reeds would do this?

OOOOOOooopsss. replied in the wrong thread. No, it's not reeds. Sorry bout that.

You should soak the carb really well. It may be a small piece of trash floating around clogging a jet. Check needle/seat also.

still looking for problem. anyone? i took apart the entire carb and cleaned it all still the same bogging over large bumps or if u do a jump, could it be a bad floats? i dunno never ending problem i am about to buy a new carb lol

which way do i bend floats lol

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