2002 YZ250F Jetting

I am installing a Big Gun Quiet pipe and Dynojet Stage 1 kit on my '02 YZ250F Does anyone have recommendations on jetting, and/or tips? I am located in central NJ, so I am not too much above sea level.


i recomend not using the dynojet kit.

I live in new york and the elevation is about the same. I followed the dynojet instructions that it comes with and it ran good and i got more power. I just recently changed mine though because i put in the cam mod on my yfz 450.

and eddie why would you not recommend dynojet.

i recomend not using the dynojet kit.

what do you recomend??? because i was looking for a jet kit. i have the same bike except 2003. and i was looking at JD, do you like JD?

JD jetting kits are fine.

the needle in the dynojet kits for the FCR have too much taper.

JD jetting kits are fine.

the needle in the dynojet kits for the FCR have too much taper.

im gonna get the JD, thanks

what needle do you suggest?

JD told me red needle on 5th or 6th clip. Then as it gets hotter, adjust the fuel screw acordingly, turning it in

I already have the DynoJet kit. What will be the outcome of using it with the needle with too much taper?

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