my custom helmet camera

materials required 1) paper towel/some non glues paper/cloth. 2)duct tape. 3)one cheap camera phone. 4) any type of shim you can use.

iv always wanted a helmet camera, to show people the riding spots and such, well one day a while ago, i wrapped the cone on my helmet, and the cell phone with paper towel, then wrapped the paper towel in the duct tape, taped the phone to the cone on the helmet, shimmed it so it would fit right, then played with the phone for a half hour and got it to take like a 15 min long video, i have no way to get the video off the phone, but it was my moms old phone that was out of service. aannnddddd walla, you have a whir free, 2 in 1, 1 pound video/recorder on the cone of your helmet, and you don't have to worrie about a tree taking it off......unless you get a branch to the face......witch isn't fun eather

on my yellow



on my blue




............ WIRELESS.............over the top strap to keep it from bouncing around


Hey I have the same helmet. :thumbsup: The yellow HJC.

ha ha. That is pretty ghetto. To bad you can't get the video off that phone. You don't have a lot of free time do you?

dude im so doing that!!!!

I've got the same concept going, a 1994 sony handycam.:thumbsup:



I've got the same concept going, a 1994 sony handycam.:thumbsup:



i have that exact same camera! hahaa

yes i have taped a digital cam(that takes videos also) on the fender.......the fender gets to mudding when i ride, and it bounces around to much....on the helmet......mostly out of the mud..and it takes it from your view

I have that camra also hahaha. Thought about putting it on my head a while back and snowboarding with it.

Haha yeah the videos look awesome and since its an actual camcorder they're really clear. When I first started using it I thought my fender was going to snap in half because the damn thing weighs so much.:thumbsup:

ya bet the fender bounces with the bike, i think its just cool to have in took where you look

its harder than it looks to get the phone pointing in front of you (not at the ground)

Great Maguyvering yall. He would be proud of you.

this is a JOKE right?

you dont really ride with that on your helmet like that do you?

only when i want to record. then the other times i just take it off


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