New guy with a couple pics...

Hello guys, i've been lurking around here doing alot of research since I snagged up my 1st stock 07 50 in January from the dealership I work for. Then I had a deal fall in my lap, a guy came by the dealership needing $$ real bad and had to get rid of his 06 50 and said he'd take $600 for it so I couldnt pass it up. I figured i'd keep the 07 for the wife and me keep this one, but after a month my neighbors and friends ended up riding it more then she did so I decided to sell it since I could only make money off of that one and not lose any.

Well long story short, i've kept this one now and love it. It doesnt have much done to it, but its alot of fun. Alot of my buddies and I have sport bikes that we go riding on all the time and we always have a blast, but I was able to con a couple of them into buying 50's at the same time as me and at first they were a little hesitant but when we all get together and get these things out we have the most fun ever. Just because we could give a rats ass about dropping/scratching these unlike our other bikes lol.

BBR Bar kit

BBR Exhaust

BBR Shifter

Pit King lift kit

I broke down and did the choke plug mod and advanced the timing the other day as well. You guys think it was an alright deal for $600 with a clean title?



I'm new to the minis, but not to 2-wheels... I'm a lil bit of a Honda lover:grin: I'm bored and its late so heres a few pics, of my bad bad addiction.

Latest love of my life... 07 CBR600RR


Bought this one wiped out to rebuild... 03 CBR600RR

(After I stripped her down)


(Track trim)


All shined up...


My first love, well second to my wife haha... (had to throw that one in incase she reads this...) What started the whole addiction a few years back:

94 CBR600F2


Sorry for the long long post, just figured i'd introduce myself since I know i'll be around here for a long long time because this crap is addicting...haha

Welcome! Great looking bikes!! Stockers sweet man, I bet your getting pretty good at wheelies huh? :thumbsup:

Nice clean find for $600. I'd sell that lift kit and buy a tall seat but that's just me.

Welcome! Great looking bikes!! Stockers sweet man, I bet your getting pretty good at wheelies huh? :thumbsup:

Thanks man, appreciate the compliment and the warm welcoming... lol man was I in for a surprise about wheelies when I hopped on this thing, figured it'd be a piece of cake but it took me a lil bit to master it on the 50 because I just dont have that power i'm used too haha.

Nice clean find for $600. I'd sell that lift kit and buy a tall seat but that's just me.

Thanks man, I thought so and stumbled over myself to snatch it up haha. Thats a good idea, I never thought about that... I've been meaning to get around to yanking the lift kit off since I got it but I did kinda like the height of the seat with it but that would work out perfectly scratching it for the tall seat... Thanks man

Welcome to the brotherhood...

Welcome to the MaDnEsS... :thumbsup:

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