Custom reeds, and modded blocks. Dremels unite!

Some of you may remember my thread a while back asking about the thickness of steel reeds and th engine drawing enough air to sustain a constant flow past the thicker reeds.

I had reeds that were two thou' thicker than the stock two petal reeds on this bike. I went ahead and started making my reeds. Because I would have to drill new holes so the new reeds would properly fit onto the blocks, I made up a jig to hold the reeds in place while I drilled new holes, so I would not have to play around with filing holes and having them at an angle. That went fine, and they fit perfectly. The donor reeds were a tad longer, and thicker than the stock reeds, so I trimmed them down. In the pictures, you will see black lines around the outside of the reeds, this was the template I made, and sketched around, to get the proper size.

For the blocks, you will see in the picture that they are designed for two petal reeds for stock, I removed the center post and cleaned up the side tracks of the block. By the time I was (done), the bit on the Dremel was dull, and the rotor lock broke, so I went at it with a needle file. There is more filing and clean up to be done, but I wanted to assemble them to make sure the reeds sat flat. They do :thumbsup:

All this was done to give a helping hand to the anemic engine that they are going into. In all hopes, I can get a bit more power of the little thing. If all goes to hell, I don't see why it would, I have a complete set of blocks that have not been cut up, and two complete sets of reeds that I can use.

Sorry for the crappy pictures... this camera blows already and has a cracked screen too boot. Tell me what you think.

Stock block





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