Stupid Q of the day - Oil change 08 te450 - HOW?

I have been busy, so have only had a chance to read book quickly. My time to do an oil change this week is going to be very limited, so when I get that chance I don't want to find that I don't know how to do it. I have a CRF250x and have been maintaining that. This is my first Husky. Only had it for a couple of weeks. I have drained oil and re-filled on husky no problems, but there seems to be 3 or 4 filters. Does anyone have any photos of them. I've run a quick search onT/Talk and didn't find anything. any tricks I need to be aware of? I just want to make sure everything runs smooth and no surprises. I have purchased a new oil filter. I guess the others you just clean with fuel or something.

there seems to be 3 or 4 filters.

From the photos I've seen of the '08 motor, it appears the same as previous non-injected models.

Look on the left side of the motor, below the stator cover. One alum cover with two 8mm head bolts. If you already put new oil in, then lay the bike over on it's right side. If the oil is out, then there will be some residual oil that will come out - just so you know. The cover you remove has on O-ring on it, and I use my pinky to reach in and pull out the simple-rolled screen that is in there.

Towards the front of the motor, next to the alum cover we're talking about, is a 6mm recessed-hex bolt. Remove that bolt, and there is a small o-ring and then a fancy screen, which you may need to be creative with to pull it out. NOTE the orientation of how it comes out! On reassembly, there is a step inside the motor when you put it back that it needs to get into properly. Then get the O-ring in there ... which I always get nervous about it getting crushed in there, but if you are careful you can convince yourself its okay. Maybe a little dab of grease wil help it stick where you want it.

I check it every other oil change - it's not that hard, however I think the manual states it doesn't need to be done that often.

Good luck,


cool - thanks. It's getting its first service this week. I just like to know how to do these things. I've put new oil in it twice, but haven't done filters as yet. It's brand new, so trying to be careful. I did oil at 95kms and at 130kms. time to do filters. Dealer had no problems with that.

Cookie, as Adam said in his post and remember be gentle when doing up the filter cover bolts, Just clean the screens with fuel.

Drain it warm,

A good tip if you haven`t taken screens out before - Mobile phone picture of the way they came out, it`s not hard to do right but easy to do wrong !

Just do things up firm, don`t lean on the bolts / threads will die

Husky Brothers : Brilliant - thanks.

Ioneater - thanks for posting that.

Okay now I'm happy - doesn't seem like that long a process. Husky certainly like filters compared to the Honda. The Hondas ONE filter is even smaller than the Huskys by the look of it.

that bike you used is damn clean - looks brand new. My 2 week old new 08 Husky looks older :thumbsup:

should I do the front screen too? it will be it's first filter change

i always change the filter & clean both screens, new oil every 4-5 hours when racing or 15 (ish) hours forest riding.

Biggest killer of Husky (any HP 4T) is bad oil

i've never asked this, but how many miles/kms would 15hr or 5 hours be?

I think my bike had 5 hours on it at something like 150kms?

Is the hour meter on the instrument panel engine hours? the same as the aftermarket engine hour items?

Is the hour meter on the instrument panel engine hours?

Yes - if the engine is running, then the clock is ticking. For me, it's more about hours run, than miles run.

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