Anyone here owns DT200WR or WR200R?

I just pick up mine and would really love to learn alot more.


what year is your bike and is it a dt or a wr.

they are pretty good bikes but very rare. well you dont really ever see them over here.

the dt200 is a totally different beast from the wr200.

you could have a number of year ranges. i believe the dts were street legal, the wrs were not, they were trail only bikes. The dt was more of an It or XT style bike. where the WR was more of a yz geared towards trails.

Mine is a '91 DT200WR (3XP)

It look something like this


This is how a WR200R looks like, basically they are the same bike...with some small differences.


I agree with you on the DT200R, i used to own one sometimes back.

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