AIS removal or not ?

I see a lot of posts where fellow TT members are taking off the AIS of their WR´s but also read it gives no reward.

Why should we be taken the AIS off if it has no performance gain ?

From the FAQ...

Q: What is an AIS?

A: AIS stands for Air Induction System, i.e. the smog pump. It injects air into the exhaust system to help get rid of unburned fuel for a more environmentally friendly bike. It first showed up in '05 and has been on every WR since. It can be removed and the resulting holes plugged if you buy either the TT Kit or the GYTR kit. The TT kit has precision machined plugs that press fit into the engine, while the GYTR Kit’s plugs are removable and also include an adjustable needle, throttle stop and assorted items for the carb. The AIS removal DOES NOT improve performance, but it does decrease decel popping so you can more effectively jet your bike.


There are two other reasons to puill an AIS.

1) Less 'crap' on the bike. Minimal reason but it does exist.

2) You must either disable or remove it to tune using an wideband O2 sensor. This was the other reason for me to pull it off.

If you do remove it, un-install it, do not 'rip it off' the bike like I have seen some do. Keep everything together in a plastic bag. You never know, you may want/have to re-install it.

Try it both ways and see what you get. Nothing like the seat of the pants DYNO runs.

For me the big thing was re-jet, new throttle stop and uncorking the airbox and exhaust. Once those things were done, BAM, she runs top.

Removing the AIS to be able to use O2 sensor when tuning sounds like the only logical argument so far.

Talking about weight saving as a reason..........most of us can loose some weight in other places :-)

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