WR450 Starter Question? Manual Kick?

Will there be any provision to add a Manual Kick to the '03 WR450 Such as Suzuki's DRZ? Does one need to have blind faith that the bike will E-start everytime without fail? Are we putting to much faith in the Magic button?



I think it comes with both

I'm sure it comes with both

I'm absolutly sure it comes with both.

Not only does it come with both, it also comes the improved starting abilities of the '03 yz450. If reports are true, it should start like a 250 2 stroke when you kick it... here's to hoping reports are true. :)

Oh yes it definitely comes with both

With both what? :)

The 03 WR450's have both kick and electric start. man these are gonna be great bikes !!if you go to yamaha.com you can get a 360^ view of the bike and check it all out ,you can even try out the e-start button and listen to her purrrr. now when will they get here is the real question!!

I personally would like to see a kick start only version offered.I would rather have a lighter bike than the button,i've rode a new yzf and it start's so easy i'd rather not have the extra weight.But the wr will sell good because the new yzf in stock form is not a good wood's bike and will take more mod's than a 426 to make it into a do it all bike.

You mean the 5th gear or what?

As for the gear they say that it's not too much of a difference between yz's 4th and wr's 5th...

On DRZ's, the kick only version is exactly 13lb lighter than the button only start. The WR450 will probably be similar in that regard. The battery is alone is 6lb. That KTM speedshop EvansRacing or whatever its called has a "superlight" battery thats only 3.5lb. Just for your info. I have one covetous eye on the new WR and waiting to see what Honda comes up with. I love my DRZ but lighter weigh bikes is a prime criteria for next purchase :)

As for the gear they say that it's not too much of a difference between yz's 4th and wr's 5th...

they say there is not to much difference between yz426 and yzf450 final gear ratio.there will be a big difference between wr450 and yz450 not only because wr has 5th gear but because of wide ratio tranny.

Reports I heard is that the WR450 is 6 lbs lighter than the WR426. There were several other changes to lighten up the bike.

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