Need advice on left hand crank bearing

Hello, I have an '84 XR500R basket case bike I'm assembling, and the left hand crank bearing is not on the crankshaft or in the case half. The shop manual that I have says to take it to the dealer to be reassembled with a new bearing. The bearing that I have seems fine. I don't believe that the Honda shop has some magical bearing tool that I'm not aware of, so does anyone know of a special procedure for re-assembling these parts that I should know about?

Never done it it done by the book.What you would need to do is cool the bearing and heat the case up a bit,By the look of it you put the bearing in first using that method.Then you pull the crank through into the bearing using a puller.To do this you could use the Alternator puller bolt with some sort of sleeve over it which runs down onto the bearing in the case and drag the Crank through into the bearing..or of course cool the crank and heat the case again and see if it goes in more easily.I think the hooha about the needing a dealer to do it is just so they cover their own butts.My 88-92 XR600 manual shows the operation in better detail than those earlier XR5/600 manuals.Anyway it doesn't appear that difficult for your average backyard mechanic.

Put the bearing in the freezer and it should help when you go to install it in the case. Then you can put the crank in the freezer and heat the race of the bearing and the crank should slide right on to it.

I haven't done this personally, but a lot of guys over at cr500riders have goodluck with the process.

The heat and cold method usually works. It should work great for the bearing and the case. It might not work so well for the bearing and the crank. Use an oven set at 300 to heat the parts. Leave it in there long enough for it to get fully hot. Maybe 20 minutes or so. If your household is like mine you might want to pick a time when your significant other is not around. My wife has a problem with bike parts in the oven or dishwasher.

Check the fit before starting. The bearing may go into the case pretty easily.

If it doesn't get all the way on before it stops moving. It's time to start applying force. Pressing it on it the best way, but I have use a drift and a hammer more times than I can count doing bearing installs. The key to success is not to apply the hammering force to the balls in the bearing. Pound only on the part that you are trying to get installed. Since the bearing into the case should go easy, the problem will be putting the case/bearing on the crank. Just tap on the inner race. I think that there is access.

I have a 55 ton Ramco press that I install them with.

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