Anyone know how to take this off??

my way would be to cut the nipple off then take the parts u want off and then geteither a universal cable kit or get some one that can make a cable through the tube i got it done a few times my self.:thumbsup:

Hmm, interesting. Thanks for the tip. I was wondering if I had to cut the end gromet off... I want to use the Motion Pro Clutch cable, and I think it comes with the gromet already on the cable. No?

Also, lubing the cable with the plastic adjuster is pretty much impossible, so I can't see why you'd have to cut the gromet off to take the adjuster off.

Anyone else? Bueler? :eek:


You pry the rubber off so the aluminum thing inside the rubber comes out the big end.

No need to cut anything.

Not too difficult.

Ah crap! I feel so dumb....:thumbsup: Thanks Asgeir. Thats exactly what it was.



u feal dumb? lmao wut about me haha

what have you done?....

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