the eco freaks will always hate us no matter what you do.

:thumbsup: here on long island we've already been stripped of every riding spot...and they aint ever commin back.... so now, its a totally unregulated outlaw dirt bike buffet.....nothings off limits :eek: sucks its come to that, but what are you gonna do...

In Washington state we have some dedicated ORV areas and you have to buy a day permit to ride - such as at Evans Creek by Mt Rainer, very far into the foothills by the baseof the mountain, very scenic, ganrly to ez trails and lotsa room for all to ride. Some have loud pipes, but once into the woods the sound dissappears and like I said the Eco freaks - although they want to be known as great outdoors people - stay away as it is tooo far out for them and those brutes on those dirt bikes etc are up there anyway! LOL...

IMHO I don't think sound from dirt bikes is as much of issue as straight pipes on a Harley or a loud can on a crotch rocket, but we could hammer away on this subject all day long and get no where as each has his own beliefes and tastes. I know we are checked for db level prior to the start of an enduro here and you have to pass and have an approved spark arrestor too. My FMF powercore IV on the XR250R passed!

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