SPOILER: What happened to Reed's YZ at Daytona?

I've had the same problem as Reed's mechanic is talking about after a standing water/mud/sand race. The bike ran good through the moto until I shut it down after the moto. It had sucked in water and sand which caused no compression to start it back up. I tore it down, cleaned out the rings (no damage at all), and fired it up. I didn't think that was possible, but it ran great ever since!

I hate to dig up this 'old' thread, but would it have made any sense for these bikes to use lids on their airbox with a curved snorkel? I know it wouldn't stop everything, but it seems that in those conditions that day at Daytona it's better than an open box.

No speculation, here is the answer as relayed by Yamaha Racing:

"It just sucked water and mud through the air boot," said Larry Brooks, San Manuel Yamaha team manager. "There was standing water on the track, and the bike sucked water and dirt, and when he stopped to line up for a rut, it just had no compression, got stuck in some mud and stopped. He had a minute and 15 second lead with three corners to go and couldn't finish, so obviously he's upset, but stuff happens. We should be happy that he got those points and move on to the next one."

Un-related incident, I fell over in a corner at a local track. Yeah I know goon move. My boot went through the side of the air box and broke it. I went to the Yamaha dealer yesterday to get a new air box.

($40. by the way) The parts guy ask's me if I saw the Daytona race and explains too me that Chad Reed blew his bike in that race as a result of sucking in too much water and mud. So he recomended I go with a WR air box. Claiming I could benefit from the crank case breather setup to avoid such situations......... Guess if I was trail riding this bike I'd consider it, but I'm not and if there is that much water on a track, I dont think I'll be racing>>> Those days are long gone for me....

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