My newest electronic ignition problem.

Ive got a 05' wr450 I love the electronic ignition but last year right at about the time football started it would need charged every weekend before I rode, I thought it was just a bad batterie so i got a new one. It stopped starting all together, i took it to the shop,it was a bad spark plug. Oh sorry ill get the chase it starts right up when kicked but the batterie needs to be charged to start it up.And if it is not ridden daily the batterie will be drained by the following day. I am completely new to dirt bikes so I have no idea where to start looking for a solution so it will keep a charge something must be draining the batterie but what, any thoughts?

I'm going to guess that your rectifier is bad

Use your shop manual. Check the stator output, then the regulator/rectifier output. If those are ok then either you have a constant drain even with the bike switched off or a bad battery.

I do this with car batterys... I lift the battery out and take it to kwik fit or any other car repair shop. They will electronically test the battery and tell you if its a turd or not.

alright thanks guys thats a start for me at least

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