Rides and Events forum plausable?

While the organization that is in place certainly works, perhaps a 'rides and events' header would be helpful? I dont usually have time to scan all the different make/model forums and would hate to miss something close to home. Also, if I was trying to host a get together, it would be nice to only have to post once instead of in each. Just a random thought from a bewildered mind, if this already exists somewhere, or has been discussed already, please disregard.


>bicycle. Skateboard.

>WR ordered.

Great idea, new guy! I, too, would like to meet TTer's for rides. I was away from riding for a few years and so far have very few riding buddies.


It has been proposed before, and one of the difficulties is in deciding on the best format to prevent the duplication of information, and for each riding area to be accessible easily using the search feature.

Thanks for the suggestion...


Hey Newbie...

Your more than welcome to join me and a few local Thumpers for a ride at Tower City. Let me know if your up for a Sunday.


Many thanks for the invite. My real issue now is that I'm bikeless. I sold My CR500 last week and am grounded until the new WR arrives this winter. I have only ridden tower city once, and the person i was with knew very little of the place. I'd love to come along and see a bit more of what TC has to offer. Expect harassment once the bike arrives.



I would love some harassment on my turf :D

Congrats on the new WR. Look forward to roosting it for the first time :)

Just a little curious, but how much did you pay?

I know of a local shop near you that is taking $5798.00

Drop me a message when you get the bike and are ready for some riding. I'm sure we could talk Moderator Bill into joining me roosting...I mean...riding with us

My gut tells me that that is a good price. I worked a trade-in deal, so its hard to know exactly what came on the back side of the deal for the trade in and what the actual cost was for the bike. I think I probably paid right around 6k for it. I made him work, though.. told him I couldn't wait and in order to write the deal i made him trade one of the first to arrives from another dealership. Poor guy was forced to take 2 utility quads as part of the swap. heheh. Life is funny sometimes.

I'm sure you'll have no trouble stuffing the trail into my helmet, to be honest. I've been out of dirt riding since my early teens (20years or so) and only got back into it this past year. Having fun relearning, though.



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