My plan for "uncorking" a 07 650L

Here is what I think may be a good plan.

Removed snorkel.

Remove smog equip.

Add Uni filter.

Install FMF Q2 slip-on.

Now, I am pretty much confused by what jetting changes will be needed. Can someone advise? I have searched the issue here, and just get more confused each time. I really don't want to go the "Daves Mods" route and would prefer to purchase a packaged kit (I know, $$$). I know there is a ton of knowledge and experience here. I am looking to improve the driveability and all around performnce that mnay are claiming from the "uncorking", I have no specific expectations aside from improving warm-up and getting rid of that decel "popping".

Thanks in advance.

Good plan of attack. I also did the DJET kit on mine when I first bought it. Worked great. The only thing is, the kit doesnt come with a richer pilot. This is what causes the warm up and popping on decel issues. I assume you are under 2000 ft.? Put in the DJET kit, clip in the 3rd position from the top. Then buy a 55 pilot for that carb. This will fix your popping and warm up issues. Also, you can drill the outer two slide holes to 5/32" to help with throttle response. You will also want to grind the stop tab off of the float bowl. That way you can get some adjustment out of the fuel screw... 2 1/2 turns to start.

55/58 pilot and i think most use the 165 main out of the DJ kit which is about the only kit you can get i think, or at least one of only 2 carb jetting ive seen on here, either stock jets or the DJ kit.

Whats your elevation and where about in SC?

Welcome to TT!!!

I agree I run the DJ kit with the same setup as Martinfan. Makes it start ez and run strong.

I had great results with the "Dave's Mods" to the stock carb. Go to www.thumpertalk and do a search. I can send you a e-mail attachment that explains everything if needed. You must follow the instructions exactly to see the best results. I buy all my jets and stuff from Carb Parts Warehouse dot com. I also did the following:

grind the welds smooth on the header pipes were they bolt to the engine for max flow

use 14/48 gearing for dirt and 14/45 for street

The FMF Q2 will seem kinda loud with the stock header, but mine was much quiter with a XR600R "power bomb" header.

I have spent the last year setting up my 07 XR650L and would be glad to help out. Send me an e-mail to


Sorry, I meant go to and do a search for Dave's Mods. That's where I found it.


I'm located near North Augusta, SC, small town named Graniteville. We are on the western border with Ga. Near Augusta, GA. (Master's :thumbsup: ).

Elevation is around 500' ASL.

Thanks for the input.

I agree with the daves mods theory, I bought the Djet kit for my '06, and wasnt too impressed with it, so I did daves mods, much happier. Although I did leave the DJ spring in. I run 55/160 at 2000 ft. Works pretty good:thumbsup:

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