99 wr 400 accesories ?s

Can anyone recomend a kick ass exhaust system for my 99 wr 400 im looking for more hp and a nice sound not extremly loud but something kinda beefy. mostly street riding. Do they make a jet kit for my bike? Also looking for a good 80%dirt & 20%street tire for my bike?

I have a White Brothers E Series. It is tuneable by adding or removing end plates. It makes a lot of power with a lot of plates but is very loud. Probably not what you want. I would do a search, I have seen people recommend other exhausts.

I just use the stock exhause with a Vortip insert. It unplugs the exhause, but is not as deafening as being completely uncorked. The tip directs the exhause down too, which helps with noise. Just my .02

I hd a arrow can on my 01 wr426 and loved it, good power gains sounded amazing, slightly loud i'd say just over 100db, i would put in a db dawg for enduro racing and that made it quiet enough to pass the noise tests, without any noticeable power loss. Plus i got it on ebay for 45£ sterling, that would be around 100usd and was mint

I put a stock 2004 YZ exhaust on my 400 WR little on the loud side but it is all titanium cut some weight. Little loud on the street but not too bad. Much better flow than the stock can though.

White Brothers E-Series with 12 plates.

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