radiator lowering

What would lowering the radiators do for handling? I hear people talk about this but dont fully understand.:thumbsup:

Lower the radiators places their weight closer to the center of graviity of the bike. Lower weight helps handling and cornering.

True. But lowered radiators will also put them closer the rocks, roost, and other debris, and probably make them more prone to damage in relatively minor crashes.

I am not sure how much you would have to lower them to get a noticeable difference (1", 2" or more???).

I would think that the older bikes with the oil in the frame would benefit more from this mod (ie my '00 426) than the newer bikes using a wet-sump oiling system.

Just my .02 cents.

the head pipe might also be in the way

For how much they weigh, the only noticeable differences would be in your head and lighter wallet

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