Head pipe??

I have a dent in my head pipe of my YZ 450.Will it burn a hole where the dent is??I was told it would.:thumbsup:

NO.... Take it off and fill it half way with water and put it in the freezer for about 6 hrs.. Walla new pipe..:thumbsup: Whoever told you that must believe in vampires or werewolves too!!:eek:

"Voilà", actually.

In the case of larger or sharper dents, it may take two trips through the freezer, but it will do a remarkable job of pushing the dent out.

> Be sure the dent has 2-3 inches of water on either side of it as it stands in the freezer.

> Don't plug the ends.

thanks a million for the quick reply s. cool i don't have to by a new head pipe.:thumbsup:

well the water trick hasn't worked for me. so as long as i wont burn a hole in my head pipe i guess it doesn't matter.any other tricks???

sealed the ends and put some air presure with a little heat and fixed mine , no problem

What did you use to seal the ends?

1 end I used a eng block plug , the other I used a air fitting in a make shift chunk of aluminum, a radiator hose and hose clamps , heated with torch till red and applied small amount of air and popped right out ,Did not take much air once it was glowing red.

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