Am I lucky or what...(humor)

Ever have one of those days that things went so well, that it made you afraid to even go outside the day after, in fear that something dreadful might happen? Yes, today was one of those days. Now, don't get me wrong...I go years of some of the worst luck you can imagine and then all of my good luck gets spent on one day. This all started this morning, when my right rear fender bolt (and BD blinker bracket that I left on, even though I mounted flush mounts on my fender) fell out on my way to work. I heard the proverbial "cling, clang, clang", and immediately pulled over. Low and behold, lying on the sidewalk, in plain sight was the bolt, AND washer, still stuck through the blinker bracket. "Damn that was lucky", I thought as I installed the bolt & bracket, and snugged it up with my leatherman. I went on to work, making a mental note to tighten that up properly when I got home. Well, my snug-job with the leatherman didn't suffice, as on the way home, I was about a block from my house and heard it again, just as it did that very morning..."cling, clang, clang". Now I took a deep breath of air, because I figured what are the chances of finding all the pieces again. A quick walk back down the street, and I managed to find the bracket, but no bolt, and no washer. I didn't fuss too much about it, because I had already played my lucky-card that morning, and considered myself lucky to have even found the bracket. I got home and a quick look through my handy-dandy Tek-Bolt assortment, and a replacement was quickly found. A little loctite and tightened properly with a socket and double checking the other fender bolts and I was done. I figured that since I was already here, I would check the chain, and run through the spokes just for good measure, when something out of place caught my eye...there...laying neatly in between the rear shock spring and swing arm was my long-lost fender bolt...with the washer still on it...go figure...

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go play the lottery before my lucky card runs out!!! 8^)

WOW, now that's a streak of luck. I would have thought that to be virtually impossible! :)

What Numbers Are You Playing? :)

Thats cool.

Then there are those days you should have just stayed in bed cause everything goes wrong :)

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