Installing An 06 Spd/Odom Meter On An 05......Need Help

Hey Guys, I just installed the 06 Meter on my 05. The axel bolt seemed to be a little harder to install than usual? I should be able to run it throught the wheel by hand and then install the nut. After installing the sending unit on the wheel, the axel bolt had to be assisted by a rubber mallet:naughty: .

Than the axel bolt was sticking out about 1/8'' from the fork, even with the bolt tight. I think it's made to be flush? As far as dimensions go, anybody know if the sending unit on the 06 is different than the 05?, if so, what is it?. They have the same mounting, looked as if it was just an easy swap. I put the bike on a stand and the wheel spins pretty good, no lagg?

Keep the Mechanical / Elecrtronic Spd/Odom comments to a minimum. I know that much.

Any idea's?

I just installed a 99 front wheel on my 07. I don't know when the switch was made, but my 07 has the front wheel bearing in a different location than the 99, it's closer to the outside of the hub, maybe by half an inch. The bearing is narrower too, but my 99 and 07 axle look identical. The spacer inside the hub of the 07 is a bit longer than the 99, so I had to pop the bearing and seal out of the 07 and install it in the 99.

The speedo sensor/spacer is a different lenght because of the new bearing location. if the switch was made in 06, that's probably why you're having trouble.

I did it, it works real nice. Just had to make a custom bracket for the meter to fit on the upper tripple clamp. Looks real nice too. Pics soon...... I tied it into the ON/OFF button and all is just fine. As far as the sending unit was concerned, I just needed to make a small adjustment and it fell right in like cake. Looks and works like an 06....... yipieeeeeee.

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