Gear Ratio help please!

Currently running a 14/48 on my 03 YZ450F. Looking to utilize for the desert hare scrambles and general low speed desert riding. Having the usual stalling issues at lower speeds and just ordered a 10oz flywheel to minimize some wheel spin. Any recommendations for gearing setup as my counter and rear sprocket needs replacing. Somebody recommended going 15/51 as it doesn't wear the sprockets as quickly with a 3.40 ratio. Renthal has a good site for figuring ratios but since I'm new to the off road scene advice is appreciated. I'm 200 lbs. Thanks, CSM

Motorcycle Gearing Worksheet:

You will need Excel to get it to work. Just replace all the numbers in the pink column. Your owners manual will have all the ratios.

Going from a 14/48 to a 15/51 is pretty much the same since 1 tooth in the front is about the same as changing 3 in the rear. If your currently using a Renthal aluminum sprocket that's why there wearing quickly. I would recommend using either Sidewinder or Ironman. If both front and rear sprockets are worn out your chain is also most likely due. Regina or DID make really good chains.

Chain is new but it is renthal aluminum sprockets. Don't care about weight so looking at steel. Thanks for the suggestions on sidewinder and ironman.

When I had my '03, I ran 15/49 most everywhere, and it worked out better in the desert by far than the 14/48 stock gearing. 1st is a bit tall that way, but still workable.

That's what I'm thinking as well. Little more shifting but better use of powerband without blowing me out of the seat. Besides the 10oz ffw should help change the setup more for sand and sage.

Less shifting with higher overall gearing than with lower, actually. Raising the gearing makes the ratio spacing numerically wider.

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