New Hand Controls

Hola all... I have a 2007 WR450F and after riding stock for the last two seasons, I have started adding new parts and "modifying" some stock parts.

One of the things that I have replaced were the stock hand controls with ASV F1s. I have everything installed and the brake side works great. THe clutch I have problems with though.

The clutch will engage/disengage with the first half inch of pulling the handle. When riding, I barely squeezed then clutch handle and it went into neutral. I tried to correct this by changing the freeplay adjuster at the lever. The adjuster was already all the way in, so I made adjustments and eventually had it to where the adjuster was all the way out, and I still had the same issue as above.

I guess I need to know if there is another way to adjust the cable at the push lever to make adjustments when the adjuster at the hand control does not do enough?

I appreaciate the feedback.

any one? I know someone out there knows.

You might be running out of clutch plate.

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