I want some frame guards damnit

I have searched high and low for some frame guards for a XR650L. Nada, nothing, no way- don't have em, they don't make em, XR600 will fit! can't find them either.


i got a set of UFO frame guards for my XR650L around june of last year, they're actually XR 600 ones but with some real minor trimming they fit just fine. They were on backorder for a while but they came in. Dunno if they're still available but its worth a try.

Good luck

A couple of weeks ago someone put some like that up on ebay for a buy it now of $25 with like $5 shipping! Someone bought them just as I tried. When I saw them I clicked on buy it now and it told me there were gone.:thumbsup:

I did get some of the plastic one for like $12 so keep a close eye on ebay.

I've bought some items off of ebay, but the last item I bought was a rip off.

I bought a used DeVol aluminum front disc guard for my 600R off someone. When I installed it on my bike the spacing was wrong and it caused the front brake to lock up because the disc was rubbing against the pad in the caliper.

I found out that DeVol sells these with a new bushing and you switch it out with the stock one for proper spacing.

I figured the guy who I bought it from just forgot to include it. I emailed him, and yes, I was polite and cordial about the whole thing 'cause I figured he had just forgotten it.

He replies and says I can have it free. Just send him 5 bucks for shipping.

I never bothered responding.

It's kind of like buying a bike, but getting it without the engine, and contacting the guy and having him say "Oh, you expect the engine too? That'll cost you extra". :D

And yeah. He's a member here. :thumbsup::eek:

I just order some for the xr600r today from works connection. They said they stopped making them but they just started back up.

I contacted works connection and they informed me the ones from the XR600 fit with some trimming and even sent me photos of the required trims necessary for fit. So I pulled the trigger and bought em last night on thier web site. Thanks for all the replies !!!!

Btw - I too am an avid e-bay shopper for misc bike stuff, but I have found that the price may be good and the shipping exhorborant. I am learning to have a descerning eye while shopping on e-bay. Example, I would like to get a use XRL tail light and trim off the plate holder part for use on my project XRL, I can get an entire assemby off of e-bay for this for 20.00 and 20.00 shipping, but I think I would rather stop at Bent Bike (local salvage yard) and buy one for probably 10.00. E-bay is getting worsse I think, alot of scalpers on there. Be careful!

better yet just check out this tail light, look down a little and its the WPS taillight right by the XR style light. There was a thread in the last 2 weeks with pics on this taillight too. Think it used to be like $12 or 13 but its up a little now. I like works connection they have good customer support like you got.


Thanks for that link Denn. lots of neat stuff on that site.

It's good to hear that Works is making frame guards for the 600R again, they had stopped, I got the last set on closeout from RMatv for 20 bucks.

For a 650L they don't even need trimming if you don't over tighten them, and if you don't mind covering the lower passenger footpeg mounting nut (both sides). Grinding those nuts down would also eliminate the need to trim the guards.

I did trim the guards, I don't use the footpegs but I wanted access to the mounting nut for saddlebag tiedown points.

i am thinking about that works connection skid plate. :thumbsup:

i wonder how thick it is and how those of you that have it like it? have you slid over rocks and such with it? can you give me a sense of its strength?

only problem with the internets is the tactile element that is missing..

I went with trhe Baja Designs skid plate, have on on my 05 XR650L and it has performed superbly.

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